Paraguayan Dating Culture

An exotic country in South America is ready to impress you. By visiting it, you will find an interesting culture of indigenous people and Spanish colonists. In this country, only around half of the population speaks Spanish while of other half use Guarani. Therefore, you will need to decide which one language you are going to learn in order to date Paraguayan women. However, you can use wonderful service of message translation at premium international dating platforms to solve this problem. Dating in Paraguayan culture is different from cultures in other countries. That is why it is important to know what better to do and what is not while dating Paraguayan women.

Paraguayan Dating Customs

Due to historical events, this country is different from others. It has been isolated for a long period of time. That has influenced dating customs too. People are more conservative but it is not preventing them from having Paraguay interracial marriages. They welcome visitors from abroad and ready to show the beauty of their country. In dating they also conservative and expect the same from others. Therefore, you should be prepared for dating Paraguayan women.

Be Soft-Spoken

In conversations, you should be polite and behave properly. Paraguayan women do not like men that want to do everything fast. Do not use any rude words or shouting. They believe that communication with mutual understanding can be achieved only in a peaceful atmosphere. It helps to build trust in relationships. You should show patience in everything you are doing. Therefore, it may be difficult to flirt. It is better not to use some dirty manner of talking. If you want to say some compliment to a Paraguayan girl, you should keep it simple and honest. They do not like to hear tons of compliments just in order to seduce them. Just having simple and nice conversations on different topics are enough to look better in the eyes of women and create honest and warm relationships.

Avoid Political Talks

It is difficult to say that the Paraguayan government is good. At the end of the 19th century, it tried to create a self-sufficient country and close all borders. As a result, it has isolated people from a great part of outside information. People have their own thoughts about politics. Therefore, it is better no to talk about politics, even if you would do so, do not say your opinion towards their local government. You need to know much more about this country before you can do that.

Gifts Are Necessary

Gifts are an important part of dating and Paraguayan culture. The best gift is something from your country and home region or town. Give just well-made gifts. They should not be expensive, but quality should be high as it shows your attitude to a person. Sweets and flowers are perfect choices to give women. Moreover, you should not give a knife as a present. It considers that you end relationships with that person. However, adding a coin to such gift prevents relationships from cutting. Therefore, you can preserve your relationships and fingers. Some international online dating websites offer additional service of real gift delivery. You can send a present almost in any country and receive a photo report on successful delivery.

Visual Communication

Communication is vital for any relationships but in Paraguayan dating customs, you need to see a person while talking. In order to have a proper conversation, they need to see the eyes. They can show whether a person is honest or not. While dating online it can be a problem as mostly there just text messages. From the side it is a great advantage as having video calls can prevent you from meeting fake people. Scammers do not like to expose their faces and will try to avoid conversations with video at any cost.

Not All Are Rich

Nowadays, this country has large international debt and high unemployment rates. As a result, there is a gap in society between the poor and the rich. In some places, few wealthy families can control the resources and workplaces while other people cannot satisfy all needs with their economic opportunities. While dating online you can find different Paraguayan women. Even if a girl you like is not from a wealthy family, she still will have good manners and wonderful look. You can be sure that every girl on those dating services is definitely will be a perfect wife.


Life tempo here is not fast. Paraguayan women try to lead simple lives. It does not mean that they are boring. There just no hurry and everything happens when the time comes for that. Festivals, celebrations, holidays and other events are very exciting in their culture, but no one worries about them too much. Enjoying life as it is, this is how they can be described.

Strong Family Values

Family is the most valuable thing for them in life. You can have different friends and girls, but family will never betray you and will be always there to help. There is a division of chores at home, however, childcare is a responsibility for both parents. Men take part in bringing up their children. In addition, they always support their women. Mothers do not sit at home all the time. They also have an active public life and for a recent period of time there much more women in government than before. Therefore, Paraguayans respect their older generation and take care of the younger.


Paraguay is a unique country with its wonderful culture. Learning more about it helps to understand them better. Dating is an important part of connecting people and it should be done in a proper way. The key factors of dating in Paraguayan culture are visual contact with person and patience. Life tempo is not fast in this place, therefore, you should not hurry your relations. That will even improve them.

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